I presently live in Colorado, love being outdoors, skiing, reading and spending time with my kids and family.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Liberty University and I am a certified Recovery Life Coach.   I am able to relate and understand those who are suffering and struggling with mental illness, divorce, co-dependency, emotional sobriety, abuse and family addictions.  By using my voice, knowledge and personal experiences I am able to connect with my clients.

Life is a journey: it is about making mistakes, it is about growing and learning through those mistakes, it is about learning all that we can about ourselves and not allowing others or the world to define who we are.  I promise you by growing through life’s challenges and facing your fears will be the most freeing experience.  Learning how to cope using mindfulness has been the key for me living life to the fullest.

Together with my clients, we set effective, meaningful and realistic goals.  By focusing on their strengths and dreams I challenge them to become more mindful of the here and now while stepping out of their comfort zone.    I am thankful for my clients who have taken the leap with me, by trusting me to listen to them while digging deep inside of themselves.  Together we will grow through the hurts and hangups and bring you to the life you were meant to live.