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Recovery Map Week 3 — Emotions

Our Emotions:

In order to start peeling back the layers, we need to get real with our emotions. We need to start feeling them in order to overcome them or to celebrate them. Our feelings come from our thoughts, our own beliefs and our own interpretation of what is going on around us.

As you start to peel the layers back, there will be emotions you have never dealt with and have pushed so far down. They may be emotions that are triggered by a thought, a sound, a smell, a song and so on.

  1. Sit with this feeling/emotion.
  2. Breathe in deep through your nose and out through your mouth at least 4 times. By doing this your heart rate will start to slow down, your body will relax a little, and you should start to bring your thoughts back to the present.
  3. Try to feel it; don’t fight it.
  4. Journal about it; be as specific as you can with this emotion. Describe it, picture it, try to recall the situation you were in when you felt this emotion, who you were with, etc.

As the week goes on, this feeling will continue to reveal more information, so write everything down, draw a picture, etc

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Recovery Map Week 2

Week 2: Catch your thoughts

After everything in my head is out on paper, I can see how I have allowed my thoughts to get the best of me. Over time we create stories that get stuck in our head and ruminate. When we are overwhelmed, make a mistake, compare ourselves and so on these thoughts pop up. These stories cause me to get lost and stuck in my head. They cause major anxiety, constant worry, tension, I am not able to focus, and I let things build up inside until I shut down or explode.

I have worked hard to STOP this thought process. I have spiraled down too many black holes I’ve had to climb back out of.

If you are like me and want to break free from this toxic thinking, here are the beginning steps I took:


  • First thing I had to do was stop my autopilot thoughts.
  • Catch my “stinkin thinkin” thoughts.
  • Recognize I am putting my body through stress, tension, lack of energy, headache, etc.
  • I breathe in deep through my nose and out through my mouth (this is scientifically proven to reduce your heart rate and reduce anxiety).
  • Physically go outside.

This takes a lot of practice; we have become so used to our stories

Over time, I have become free from the bondage these thoughts have kept me in. I have to practice this daily and empty my brain weekly.


Tricia Hocker - Family Recovery Life Coach - Denver, Colorado -Social Media Mental Health

Day 1: Organizing our Thoughts

Brain Dumping is a way of taking care of our mental health. It is very freeing to get my thoughts out on paper and look at them. The stress and tension building up inside is released and I physically feel better.

Now we need to organize these thoughts that are cluttering our minds.   causing me to feel paralyzed, and I shut down.

My Goal for this week is to break down these thoughts and put them into categories.

•Why am I allowing some of my thoughts to control me, to paralyze me and causing me to shut down?

•Determine what tasks need to be done and when do they need to be done by?

•Complete at least one task everyday this week.

•What am I wasting my mental energy on?  Such as negative thoughts; what I do and don’t have control over?

•Recognize habits I want to change.

•Recognize what I am thankful for.

• Set some goals.

MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY we need to be taking care of ourselves.




Tricia Hocker - Family Recovery Life Coach - Denver, Colorado -Social Media Mental Health

My Recovery Map — Day 1

Day 1: Brain Dumping

  • Be mindful of how you are feeling before you begin and write it down. Are you tense, stressed, anxious, procrastinating, angry, happy, wanting to escape, excited, etc.?
  • Over the weekend write in your journal or on a piece of paper everything that you are thinking about, worrying about, questioning, feeling overwhelmed about, what you need to do or want to do, negative thoughts, positive thoughts, etc. It does not have to be pretty or organized. Just get all of your thoughts and feelings that pop into your head out out and onto paper.
  • Once you have gotten your thoughts out of your head, notice how you are feeling. Write it down.

On Monday we will start down the roadmap to discovering who we are.

Tricia Hocker - Family Recovery Life Coach - Denver, Colorado -Social Media Mental Health

My Recovery Road Map

I need to know where I am in order to map out where I want to go.

Years ago, I went through a very traumatic event. Thankfully, I was physically living in a place surrounded by complete strangers who put me on a path to recovery.

When I turned 50 in February of last year, I realized I needed to start focusing on taking care of me. I have been experiencing certain triggers/thoughts that have been building up and controlling me. I automatically default to negative thoughts, fear, stress, anxiety, depression and paralysis. I build walls and shut down.

Recovery is freedom for me and will always be a part of who I am. I am going to share the tools that have worked the best for me.

we rise by lifting others - Family Recovery Live Coach - Tricia Hocker bullying

Love not Hate

With all of the political bashing that has been going on over the years and the abuse of social media, how can anyone expect our kids to stop bullying each other.  They’re being told one thing in school and yet outside of school they’re being shown it’s ok to bully others.  It is truly sad adults can not get along and be role models to our kids.

We all come from different backgrounds, we all have a story, we all have had life struggles and we all perceive life through filters we were raised with. Is any one family or person better than the other?  Absolutely not! We all have our own gifts and talents we bring to this world.  We all have our own passions and desires. Guess what?  It is okay!

We need to start taking responsibility for our words and actions and stop throwing temper tantrums. Life isn’t fair, we can fight each other or come together and support one another.  Let’s not allow another tragedy to happen. Let the kindness, peace, compassion and love shine through.

We owe it to our kids!!!




Our Children

Our kids are experiencing more divorces, social media has taken over their lives, the stigma of mental health  is still not acceptable, parents don’t have time to talk to their children, God is being taken out of our schools, the Pledge of Allegiance is no longer accepted in public schools, teens are turning to drugs and alcohol for a quick stress release instead of talking to their parents or friends and they are committing suicide.

When is enough,enough?