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Love not Hate

With all of the political bashing that has been going on over the years and the abuse of social media, how can anyone expect our kids to stop bullying each other.  They’re being told one thing in school and yet outside of school they’re being shown it’s ok to bully others.  It is truly sad adults can not get along and be role models to our kids.

We all come from different backgrounds, we all have a story, we all have had life struggles and we all perceive life through filters we were raised with. Is any one family or person better than the other?  Absolutely not! We all have our own gifts and talents we bring to this world.  We all have our own passions and desires. Guess what?  It is okay!

We need to start taking responsibility for our words and actions and stop throwing temper tantrums. Life isn’t fair, we can fight each other or come together and support one another.  Let’s not allow another tragedy to happen. Let the kindness, peace, compassion and love shine through.

We owe it to our kids!!!




Our Children

Our kids are experiencing more divorces, social media has taken over their lives, the stigma of mental health  is still not acceptable, parents don’t have time to talk to their children, God is being taken out of our schools, the Pledge of Allegiance is no longer accepted in public schools, teens are turning to drugs and alcohol for a quick stress release instead of talking to their parents or friends and they are committing suicide.

When is enough,enough?