Here’s What Tricia’s Clients Are Saying:

When I was a child my parents suffered from alcohol addiction. I struggled in school, I tried to fit in, and eventually turned to drinking as a way of coping in life. Today, I have anxiety and panic attacks. It has taken me a while to finally admit I needed help. Life wasn’t going how I planned it to go and I felt my whole world was spinning out of control. I was embarrassed and afraid to tell anyone until a friend of mine recommended I go see someone she had been working with. Tricia encouraged me to dig deep within myself and talk about what I was feeling. She helped me realize growing up with my parents’ alcohol addiction has affected me emotionally and psychologically. I have a lot of work to do and I am looking forward to walking down this road to recovery with Tricia.Barb S., January 2018

Right from the start, I could tell Tricia was a safe person I could talk to. She was very open and honest about her life’s journey and has a sincere passion for helping people through tough situations in their life. I know working through my situation will not be easy, yet knowing I am not alone gives me hope. Those who have been affected by the actions and behavior of a loved one have many different things going on in their head. I have a lot of junk I have shoved down over the years, and I am ready to start my path to healing. I am not alone and that gives me great comfort. Making positive changes in my life is all I can do moving forward. I am very thankful and grateful.New Client, May 2018

Tricia is a great motivator and recovery life coach. She is a great listener and always has a positive outlook on any situation. She helped me work through some tough and very difficult decisions. Her motivation and enthusiasm are infectious. Her knowledge and understanding is what I needed during this time in my life. I would highly recommend this very talented person to help navigate anyone through difficult situations in life. She’s the best! Robb M., January 2018

Tricia is very compassionate, caring, trustworthy and knowledgeable as a recovery life coach. I had never heard the term “codependency” until I met Tricia. I struggle with keeping the peace, trying to please others and always try to be what I think others want me to be. I tried to make everyone around me happy and in doing so I was controlling and trying to fix others. I was angry, bitter and truly unhappy with life. Tricia listened, and eventually, I realized I was codependent. Together we put a plan in place and by taking little steps I know with Tricia by my side I will be on the road to recovery.Anonymous, January 2018